10 Best Weather Forecast Apps For Android

There are a huge selection of weather apps available but only couple of good ones. That’s why it has scoured the Play Store to get you the top picks, regardless of your needs could be. Here are the 10 best weather apps for Android. Checkout: Pixelmator alternatives

Weather Timeline

Available for $1.49 within the Play Store, Weather Timeline may be the best money you ever spend. It brings genuinely useful and interesting features together in a wonderful interface and library of widgets.

The app gets its name looking at the primary function, the card-based timeline in the weather, but there is however a lot more to be had. You can decide upon five different weather services, and then there are notifications that warn you of impending weather changes. Then there’s the moon viewer, and that means you always understand the werewolf forecast, and a lot of radar maps, allowing you to see visualizations in the cloud and rain ahead. On top of that, in addition there are several interactive graphs showing data on items like temperature, precipitation and pressure.

The depth of knowledge and an elegant and interface makes this app our top choices.

Weather Timeline is our absolute favorite weather app on Android

Precise Weather YoWindow

“Watch weather with pleasure,” says YoWindow when you load it, plus it truthfully lives as much as this promise: it’s actually a great looking Android weather app. Instead of using simple icons to represent clouds, sunshine and rain, YoWindow displays a cartoon landscape which reflects the real-time weather within your current location.

The light level and types of conditions are accurately represented inside app and you will scroll over the hours just as if scrolling with an online video to determine changes after some time. It’s a distinctive and well-realized weather app, which not merely looks good, but can be incredibly easy to work with.
It’s accessible for free with ads or paid ($2.99) without ads. When you get bored of taking a look at a field, you can pick from a few different backgrounds too. That said, there isn’t any widget choices on this app.
Want a weather app that appears great? Get YoWindow.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a somewhat controversial app to include within the list, however it’s long been a well liked with many users. Its strength lies within the granularity of the minute-by-minute predictions that provides you useful information inside a simple way, like saying it’ll rain in 13 minutes, as opposed to giving a vague indication on the chance of rain.

However, the principle downside is that when you want to make use of its most valuable features you will have to pay – and when you don’t, well, you can find better free weather apps available you are able to consider. One on the major drawbacks on the free version of Dark Sky is so it doesn’t include any home screen widgets in any respect, and you get three when you pay for the premium version. You also find the option of using a daily digest of weather provided for you every day.

We may not be averse fot it perhaps when it was a one-off payment rather than a recurring $2.99 annually, but when incredibly precise weather updates are helpful to you, it may be worth considering. There’s a two-week risk free available that permits you to try it out first.
Dark Sky has some powerful features, but you are not free.


Morecast sells itself having its great-looking and intuitive interface: its vertical list layout is easy to utilize and interpret. At the top, you’re greeted using the current weather and also the ‘real feel’. Scroll down and you will probably see a more in depth view from the day’s weather.
Another swipe and Morecast will advise you what’s happening tomorrow; down again and you’re shown a simple seven-day view. This streamlined UI is useful for beginners and experienced weather app users alike, as it provides use of all from the information you might need, but doesn’t throw all of it at you one screen.

Morecast is filled with small details, for instance webcams that report the weather at different times on the day globally, plus a weather navigation feature to assist you plan routes about the best conditions.

The Morecast interface is incredibly intuitive.


WeatherBug excels in the design and interface department. It is able to pinpoint the elements forecast, not simply to your city but additionally to your neighborhood. In addition to forecasts and severe weather warnings, the developers have incorporated a traffic camera section in order to avoid jams as well as the ability to share photos and albums.

You can colorize it for you to suit your lifestyle, so for example you’ll be able to find out if it is possible to run to the fitness center on a specific day, along with personalize the house screen, language, and save multiple locations.

It also now offers multiple radar views take into consideration different countries throughout the world, which enables it to even connect on your smart thermostat to automatically set the temperature within your home and save a little money.

WeatherBug has some social features, such as the option to share pictures.


WeatherBomb isn’t like some from the other weather apps within this list. Rather than provide a nice, sorted list in the weather conditions through an icon, it displays a meteorological map on the live weather that allows one to scroll for getting an overview of conditions throughout the whole country (or other country for instance).

You can, needless to say, zoom in on your own town and other smaller area for any more accurate prediction of the locality. Some people won’t experience the lack in the usual icons and info, which is fine, but should you want a way for getting a quick go through the forecast and scroll with the weather for manufactured (or week), WeatherBomb is really worth checking out.

There’s an individual desktop widget too, which shows a graph of rain, wind, temperature, pressure and wave height on your own home screen. It’s unengaged to, though you will find in-app purchases if you need to remove the ads.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel would be the go-to weather app for many people Android users, with up-to-date and accurate weather information. It includes hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecast options, along with the usual gamut of climate like wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure. There’s also a weather-related videos section that includes clips from across the world.

It’s simple and easy and intuitive to make use of. It doesn’t contain all with the necessary info on the single page like various other apps do, however you do get extras including ski conditions, flu and pollen count data. You also can tap of many items to receive more in depth information or read the Radar or Hurricane Central views.

It now offers four simple desktop widgets that display the next thunderstorm and time in your chosen location. It’s unengaged to download and rehearse, and you will have to endure a few ads.
The Weather Channel provides extensive features, though the overview is not difficult.


Accuweather is one on the staple weather apps on Android. It’s usually accurate which is filled with great information, such as awesome RealFeel index (meaning what the outdoor temperature is like, as an alternative to where the mercury stops).

Accuweather comes full of graphs, maps, radar and also video weather forecasts for the region, now also includes minute-by-minute precipitation predictions to prevent you getting wet in the freak shower.

You receive the option of two different three-day weather forecast widgets for the house screen too. Like many on the others with this list, it’s free but funded by ads.
Even when you never stop thinking about the next wind storm, Accuweather has plenty of info for you personally. /

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather offers a great deal of information without ever feeling cluttered, and features ever-changing backgrounds from Flickr, so that it always feels fresh.

There a variety of sizes and types of widget for the house screen, and you’ll are often notifications within your status bar. It has everything a typical user would want without going overboard on professional features. You do still get wind speed and pressure measurements though.

Yahoo Weather uses background images in the huge image database Flickr.

NOAA Weather Radar and Alerts

If you reside or are traveling within a region that’s often troubled by severe weather, we recommend you look at Weather Radar and Alerts from NOAA. This app delivers the latest news straight from your National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to offer the most details on mainland storms, cyclones, tornadoes along with other severe weather.

Weather Radar and Alerts offers real-time satellite views of key areas plus a news feed, together with comprehensive marine updates. You can also head straight to your Severe Weather Outlook section for any daily look into what’s going on. For those who might be afflicted with extreme weather, this app could possibly be vital.

Weather Radar and Alerts might be a vital app for those troubled by extreme weather.
Which app can you say may be the best weather app for Android? Let us know within the comments below.

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