Best Clock Android App Widgets [10+1 = 11]

I have always loved a chance to add multiple widgets to my Android phone’s homescreen and although a lot of people see widgets as mere tacky gimmicks with little utility, there is no-one to deny the most useful and popular widgets for Android are which inform us the time of waking time. Yes, we’re referring to clock widgets, and after this we will be listing the superior 12 clock widgets you are able to download with your Android phones and tablets in 2016.

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Call me biased but I hold the hots for onca clock widget, that’s minimalistic, clean and pretty cool to check out. You might find reading enough time a tad difficult, even so the number in the center of the circle denotes the hour, the shaded outline on the circle informs you minutes which have passed plus the orbiting blue dot shows the seconds.

The colors and transparency values is usually changed as outlined by your liking and you are able to also place it to show the latest day and date on each side with the clock. If you’re trying to find a free minimalistic clock widget to rock your Android phone or tablet’s homescreen, look no further.


Minimalistic Text is one from the best widgets on Android period. The level of customizability however may be daunting, particularly for newcomers and you might find the interface for received it to be lower than friendly. But the widget itself is unmatched when it comes to flexibility and you are able to make it show battery levels, weather info and well, the starting time and date.

The best bit is that you may make it look and you want, which enables it to even integrate custom fonts and select colors the way you like. If you think you’ll be able to handle some energy consumption, you should try this.


The Chronus widget has adorned my homescreen for months on / off, and is also quite proficient at what it intentions to do – show you some time, date, battery and weather information. It is simple, yet not purely minimal, but they can go with any theme or wallpaper you enjoy.

Customizing it is additionally quite easy and you’ll be able to choose which elements you desire it to display on your own homescreen. If you’ve used CyanogenMod, Chronus is compared to the cLock widget situated on CM.


When you are looking at variety of designs and templates, you may’t go awry with One More Clock Widget. While I personally don’t find every one of the preset designs to my liking, you will come across some that choose your taste and preferences.

You may download more clock packs online along with the widget is compatible with widget locker also. The sheer number of

options in this particular widget ensure it is worth the download though.


While DashClock is yet another indispensable widget for Android, it’s ranked lower within this list purely out of its ‘clock worthiness’. To it’s credit, it’s minimal, clean and light there are enough customization options to stop you from getting bored. However, this process shines when looking at its extensions, which permit you to produce real time information connected with variables like weather, call alerts, texts as well as other elements.

Nevertheless, if you’re searching for a comprehensive clock widget that can offer other useful information at the same time, DashClock behaves you well.


DIGI Clock Widget is like a more user-friendly version of Minimalistic Text Widget with a number of different fonts you’ll be able to choose from. Customization options including setting different colors for enough time display, clock background and also other standard settings. I’ve also place it up on my small Android 7 inch tablet with the longest some time and it works very well on larger displays too.


It shows in time binary code and appearance good while performing it – need I say more? The Pretty Binary Clock Widget is minimalistic and goes well with any theme as long as you may actually read enough time on it.


mClock can be a free, fast, clean and lightweight clock widget which has the job designed in style. It’s not flashy or over the most notable and offers the best mix of style and utility. You can select various layouts, fonts and sizes and display both some time and date with your homescreen.


If that suits you Google Now’s design, you might love Clock Now. It is usually a great looking clock widget to your Android phone or tablet and mixes up time with quick setting buttons along with system information if you would like. The widget cost nothing to download and possesses no ads, as well as the minimal, clean cut design can make it a definite download.


ClockQ is pretty similar to Digi Clock and possesses a fair number of customization options available at no cost users. You can select over 20 fonts and hang colors and transparency wish. However, layout, design editor and battery level display are merely available for premium users.


Last on our list but not the least, BobClockD3 can be an open source clock widget with basic customization options. While, it could really alllow for some healthy looking homescreens using the right wallpaper and icon packs, the widget’s resolution does appear somewhat dated on newer HD displays.
If you’ve got some other suggestions for our list of the most notable clock widgets for Android phones and tablets, twenty-four hours a day comment below and give us. If you download and try any on the clock widgets here, you also needs to give us your feedback, we’d want to hear from you.

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